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Product Features

Colours available:

Single Row / 3x 0.75 L

  • Suitable with soil, granules, moss or other substrates

  • Free choice of seeds - no supplier commitment

  • For growing vegetables, herbs, spices and flowers

  • Absolutely easy to set up and operate

  • Self-watering by conveyor wicks to every container

  • With integrated LED plant light (7 W / 1100 LM)

  • Touch sensors and timer function to the light rail

  • Energy consumption less than 50,00 EUR annually

  • Produce fresh, organic food at home - at any time

  • Beautify unused wall space in your home


Generation 2024



There are a whole bunch of indoor farms or smart planters available these days. Unfortunately, most of these products can only be used for one purpose, do not produce significant yields or are simply "too smart" to be used reliably as everyday items. With our Single Row series we offer a real alternative to this. Affordable, robust and easy to use - with a five-year manufacturer's warranty. If you are not satisfied with the product, of course you´ll get your money back. It is important to us that you understand our product before buying and consider your purchase carefully. This way we avoid unnecessary returns.

A Hildje™ wall garden is more than a lifestyle product, more than a hip gadged or nice decoration. It is an everyday item with enormous practical value for its users. Comparable to a good kitchen aid or a really helpful tool. It has a purpose.

Product features

Single Row Series



Data sheet


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Materials  /  PLA bio plastic




Our wall gardens are manufactured in a climate neutral way and made from 100% bio plastic (PLA) using fused deposition technology. Polylactide (PLA) is a polyester based on renewable raw materials such as sugar cane or corn. The material, made up of lactic acid molecules, is a biodegradable plastic thats spreads no harmful micro plastic. The human body is also able to break down Polylactide. The plastic is therefore used in medicine, for example in the form of absorbable implants and sutures.

PLA has high-quality mechanical properties, resistance to oils, fats and alcohol and is available in almost every color. The biopolymer is therefore increasingly replacing “classic” plastics such as Polyethylene (PE) and Polypropylene (PP).

Product features



Data sheet



Thanks to well coated tanks and

removable planter inserts

Dirty hands? It is ok. However, soiled walls are a no-go. The removable planter inserts allow you to garden very comfortably at a table, or wherever you like, and then simply hook the containers into the rails.

All water tanks have a completely waterproof resin coating on their inside. This will keep your walls dry and free of dirt. The use of Hildje™ wall gardens is an all-round clean thing. You can count on it.


Find out more about answers to practical user questions at the FAQ section. Do you have a own question? Feel free to write to us. 





The correct installation method depends on the type and nature of the wall. In addition to the recommended variant with dowels and screws, it is also possible to attach it with adhesive pads or sliding nails. If adhesive pads are used, we recommend the use products of higher quality.


Attach to a
suitable wall


Don´t worry about dry or soiled walls! All water tanks have a waterproof resin coating on their inside. This will keep your walls free of unwanted dirt.


The removable planter inserts allow you to garden very comfortably at a table, or wherever you like, and then simply hook the containers into the rails. 


Fill up the

water tanks


Once the seeds have germinated, you are completely free to choose what kind of soil or substrate you want to put in the planters. Our system works with soil, ceramic granules or other substrates. Choose the type of filling depending on the planting and the desired yield. 


Insert soil or



The pre-installed light rail can be connected to the mains via a normal 230V plug or USB adapter. Customers outside the EU (e.g. UK, United States or Canada) will receive an adapter for their power set in the scope of delivery..


Connect the
light rail


Growing fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices or flowers at home has never been easier. If the wall gardens are used properly, they will have a lot of fun and rich yields. However, please note the maintenance instructions at the booklet.


Hurra! Watch
them grow


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Both have their justification. It just depends on what you want to grow. Some plants like it compacted and granular, others thrive on a ceramic substrate and appreciate the moisture supply. Whatever filling you choose - you are not tied to ready-made capsules or patches from any manufacturer.

However, we recommend using the enclosed cultivation pads to germinate your plants. These already have a rich nutrient content and maintain the required moisture optimally. You can then fill up with a substrate of your choice.


Tests with soil

Tests with granuals



fresh and cheeky

just always fits

contrasting and catchy

natural and grown

Part #2 - 10 Minutes

Part #1 - 5 Minutes



With this two-part introductory video we provide interesting insights into the Hildje™ product world. So if you don't feel like reading through all the texts on this website, you can find out every-thing you need to know about our Single Row series in about 15 minutes.

We attached particular importance to the part where the economic efficiency is highlighted. If you have any questions to the videos content, please write to us. We will quickly answer or refer you to the relevant passage in our FAQ.

Product features



Turn on sound

Data sheet





Were freshness is the main criteria

Expect us.

Cocktail Bars




Cafe´s & Lounges



Our guests love to see where all the fresh ingredients for their drinks come from. Right behind me on the wall.


The wall gardens are also an absolute eye-catcher.


Reinier van Janstraat

Den laat Salon, Amsterdam NL


Find out more about the unique success stories and satisfaction of our customers. Would you like to leave a review yourself? Here you have the possibility to do so. We are very happy about it.



Our support team is available on weekdays from 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. Ready to assist you. Just give us a call or message.

For all technical questions:   +49 (0) 3441 7789 196

For questions to your order:  +49 (0) 3441 6399 694

For e-Mail enquiries please use the contact form (at the right side). Thank you! 

Please also use our FAQ. Here you´ll get useful answers to the most questions according to orders, shipping and conditions.

Feel free to send us a message. We will get back to you shortly.

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Shipping and Payment

Which shipping service provider will the goods be sent with?

We only ship with DHL go green. So your order is in the best hands. After the order have been dispatched, you will receive a tracking code to track the shipment.

In which countries can be delivered? Are there exceptions?

We deliver throughout the EU, UK, United States of America and Canada. For delivery outside of this zone, our waiters can be ordered and delivered via Amazon.

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes. Of course, we will take back items that are not promised without hesitation and refund the purchase price if they are not used. Please note our returns policy.

How much are the shipping fees? Are these included?

​In addition to the stated prices, we charge a flat rate of 6.99 euros for delivery within Germany / 19.49 EUR per order in every other country.

Can I order cash on delivery?

If payment is made by cash on delivery, an additional fee of 8.99 euros will be charged, which will be charged by the delivery person on site.

Which payment methods are accepted?

If payment is Payment can be made either by credit card (Mastercard or Visa, American Express, Discover, Diners, CUP, JCB and Maestro), Apple Pay, Sofort by Klarna, Giropay, prepayment, or cash on cash on delivery, an additional fee of 8.99 euros will be charged, which will be charged by the delivery person on site.

Product Features

What material are the wall gardens made of?

Our products are made from PLA (polylactide) or 100% recycled PVC (polyvinyl chloride). They do not contain any aluminum at all.

Is the bio plastic used really food safe?

Yes! PLA (Polylactide) is absolutely food safe. It is the most commonly used packaging plastic in the food industry. No worries about that!

How high are the annual operating costs?

With normal operation of the wall garden, annual energy costs of 40-50 euros can be expected. The consumption is around 120 kilowatt hours.

How long do I have a warranty on the product?

We guarantee a 5-year manufacturer's warranty. In this case it is not necessary to send in the device. Digital photos of the damage are sufficient for us.

What harvest yields can be expected each year?

When using NPK fertilizer in irrigation water, crop yields with an equivalent value of up to EUR 250 per year are certainly possible. However, we do not guarantee this!

Can I clean the plant containers in the dishwasher?

Yes. That works. However, set a washing program below 60°. From 70° the PLA could deform unintentionally. That really wouldn't be nice.

Planting and Yields

What can I grow with the system?

You can basically grow anything. However, we recommend growing above-ground vegetables, herbs, spices, micro greens and flowers.

How does seed cultivation work?

Simply add the seeds you want to the seed pads provided and moisten them. Then simply add it to the cultivation inserts and germination will happen within hours.

Should I use soil or granules?

That's entirely up to you. We recommend both, depending on what you want to grow. Please read the information on the seed package or from the seed manufacturer.

Can I also grow mushrooms?

We recommend not to do so. Our systems were not designed for this. But maybe it will work...

How much and often should I fertilize?

Less is often more. Don't overdo with fertilizing. Remember that you have to eat the fruits of your labor. Fertilize as directed by the manufacturer.

Is there a guide for the best harvest success?

Yes. Subscribe to our newsletter. Here we give valuable tips and instructions for the best harvest success.