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  Until December 2024, this product can just be pre-ordered.  

Three additional plant containers for our single-row wall garden system with 3x 0.75 litre


Material: Bio-based PLA (food safe). All plastics with manufacturer's certificates / approvals and ecologically harmless.


The cultivation of vegetables, fruits, herbs and other plants can be realized with this system without prior knowledge and effort. Textile wicks conveying water (possibly enriched with nutrients) from the liquid containers into the planters – making the system self-watering. The intelligent, automatic control of the plant lighting guarantees a continuous supply of light and thus ideal conditions for growth and yield.

Drei zusätzliche Container für unser einreihiges Wandgartensystem mit 3x 0.75 Liter Pflanzenkästen.


Material: Bio-basiertes PLA (lebensmittelecht). Alle Kunststoffe mit Herstellerzertifikaten / Zulassungen und ökologisch unbedenklich.


Die An- und Aufzucht von Gemüse, Obst, Kräutern und anderen Pflanzen lässt sich mit diesem System ohne Vorkenntnisse und Aufwand umsetzen. Durch textile Dochte wird Wasser (ggf. mit Nährstoffen angereichert) von den Flüssigkeitsbehältern in die Pflanzbehälter geleitet – das System ist damit selbstbewässernd. Die intelligente, automatisch funktionierende Steuerung der Planzbeleuchtung garantiert eine kontinuierliche Versorgung mit Licht und somit ideale Bedingungen für Wachstum und Ertrag.

3 pcs. Additional Plant Containers

SKU: SR05-2024
Tax Included |
White: White: Bio plastic (PLA - Polylactide) / food-safe
Romanesco green: Bio plastic (PLA - Polylactide) / food-safe
Terra Earth: Terra Earth: Bio plastic (PLA - Polylactide)
Summer Yellow: Summer Yellow: Bio plastic (PLA - Polylactide)
expected to be available from December 2024
  • 🌿 Manufactured in a climate neutral way

    Five years unconditional warranty

    Not satisfied? Get your money back!

    Delivery within five days from here

    Shipping through DHL go green

  • ● Suitable with soil, granules, moss or other substrates

    ● Free choice of seeds - no supplier commitment

    ● For growing vegetables, herbs, spices and flowers

    ● Absolutely easy to set up and operate

    ● Self-watering by conveyor wicks to every container

    ● With integrated LED plant light (7 W / 1100 LM)

    ● Touch sensors and timer function to the light rail

    ● Energy consumption less than 50,00 EUR annually

    ● Produce fresh, organic food at home - at any time

    ● Beautify unused wall space in your home

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